Feature List

In addition to all the functionalities offered by the different layouts, StoryLiner comes with a wide set of tools and features. Some are displayed globally and will be available all the time, in most of workspaces, and some can be enabled only in a scene in order to be there only with data that are relevant to manipulate with them.

To enable a feature in the environment you are working in, open the Features Toggles Panel. Many of them also have global settings that can be changed in the Preferences Panel.

According to their way of working or how they intervene in the workflow or the pipeline, these features belong to one of the following categories:


Overlay tools

  • Sequence Timeline: An interactive timeline to cut the shots and build the current edit.

  • Interactive Shots Stack: Control the shot clips directly in the Timeline editor.

  • Viewport Toolbar: Set of tools to manipulate objects, cameras and views in the 3D View.

  • Camera HUD: In the 3D viewport, display the name of the shot or shots using the camera.


  • Retimer: Advance set of tools to globally change the time of the action in the scene. This is a dedicated panel.

  • 2.5D Free Grease Pencil: 2.5D Free Grease Pencil.


If you were a user of Ubisoft Shot Manager, see also: