Supported versions

StoryLiner is developed and actively tested on Windows 10. Community users reported successful usage on Linux platform.


StoryLiner is currently in Alpha stage and is not yet available. You will be able to get it from Gumroad and Blender Market during summer 2023. Stay tuned!

Installing StoryLiner in Blender


StoryLiner needs to download some external Python dependencies in order to be fully functional. Hence, when launching the installation of this add-on for the first time, be sure to match these conditions:

  • Run Blender with elevated privileges (or in Administrator mode)

  • Be connected to the internet

  • Be sure the firewall is not blocking the requests (use OpenVPN or equivalent if needed)

Launch Blender, open the Preferences panel and go to the Add-ons section. Press the Install button located at the top of the panel. A dialog box opens, pick the StoryLiner zip file you previously downloaded and validate. The add-on will be installed. Click on the checkbox at the left side of its name to enable it.

Once the addon is enabled, a StoryLiner tab is displayed in the 3D viewport N-Panel.

Close Blender and restart it in normal mode.

If you are just updating StoryLiner, installing the new release can be done without going to the Administrator mode.