Storyboard layout


Storyboaring is done in StoryLiner with a very different approach than previz or editing. Indeed, storyboard shots can be seen as entities with their own local time. They are not related to any action that could occur in the scene. It is important to understand and masterize the specificities of this particular 2D pipeline to get the best of it and not to mix things up all the concepts.

See Storyboard

Hybrid layout

The Hybrid layout is dedicated to the manipulation of scenes with 2.5D elements in it. It displays tools to facilitate the drawing on Grease Pencil objects that are part of the action or the set.

It also expose the same tools that the Previz layout so that cameras and shots of type cameras can also be manipulated easily.

See Hybrid

Previz layout

See Previz

Edit layout

When the Edit layout is activated, the main panel of StoryLiner reveals more information about the edits and shots, such as their duration. Time values are also displayed in other units than just frames: seconds and SMPTE are used where needed.

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