Features Overview

StoryLiner has a HUGE list of features, and here are just some of them!
Keep in mind that some may belong to the Storyboard or Studio editions only, as shown in the Edition Differences.

  • Quick and easy creation of shots from scene cameras and of sequences from those shots

  • Non-linear editing and play of the sequences

  • Variations of the edits

  • Overall strict control over the production technical requirements thanks to the “Project Settings”

Animatic and Previz

  • Real-time visualization of the sequence edits

  • Hybrid edits mixing storyboard shots and shots using cameras from the scene

  • Easy drawing on any grease pencil objects in the scene

  • Global and local time control over the action in the scene with the Retimer

  • Global control on camera video backgrounds

  • Global control on camera sound backgrounds


  • Sequence storyboarding, Grease pencil sketching per shot

  • Continuous drawing from shot to shot and to grease pencil objects in the scene

  • Generate a PDF storyboard at any stage of the project

Rendering shots and sequences

  • Independent batch rendering of images, shots, edits and sequences with Eevee, Cycle and custom playblast

  • Sequences export as Edit sheets in PDF files

  • See the progression of the rendering, interupt it at any time

  • Export edit lists with OpenTimelineIO for an edition outside Blender

  • Import edit lists from most editing application and update the edit of your scene

User Interface

  • Use the layout and tools that are the most suitable for the stage of your scenes

  • Compact, consistent and intuitive UI designed by a professional, for professionals

  • Carefully chosen tools key mapping to provide a fluid and efficiel workflow

  • Advanced functionalities based on keyboard modifiers

  • Tooltips and integrated Quick Help everywhere !!

… and so much more!

** Discover the edition you need according to the features it provides.**

See the list of How Tos.



  • StoryLiner is not compatible with camera binding. Indeed the Edit Play Mode overrides the standant play mode and has its own way of changing the viewport camera. Good news is this mode is far more powerfull than the camera binding approach :)

    Use the convertion tools available in the Warning area of the add-on panel to convert the bound markers to shots.

  • Actions and NLA clips are not supported by the Retimer tool.