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Get the best of your stories in Blender

Draw your ideas, explore various directions and cuts, place the cameras and edit your story in real time and with great simplicity!
StoryLiner, all you need from storyboard to 3D scene management and rendering, for artits, directors and studios.

StoryLiner is a Blender add-on. It is now reaching BETA stage. The first public release is planed to be in November 2023.
Currently supported Blender versions are 3.6 LTS and 4.0.

What is it?

StoryLiner is a fork of an open-source pre-production tool named Ubisoft Shot Manager that I initialy crafted to support the previz of the animated TV series Raving Rabbids - Mission to Mars we did at Ubisoft in 2020 / 2021. I extended it with a whole storyboarding workflow for the needs of another production then its development ceased.

Deeply convinsed that there was still a need for it in the Blender community and eager to continue exploring its huge potential, I decided to give it a second life and took this opportunity to push forward - or deeply revisit in some cases - several key concepts.

Here are the result of those experimentations.
This add-on too is designed to be production oriented, production proof and… artist friendly!!




You will love it !

StoryLiner is far more than a tool, it is a complete environment made for you to get the best of your stories!

Find out the full extent of what StoryLiner can do for you:

If you were a user of Ubisoft Shot Manager:


StoryLiner Editions

StoryLine exists in 3 editions to fit your needs.

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StoryLiner Essential

StoryLiner Essential

Perfect for previz and pure 3D. Easy manage and render the shots in your scenes.

StoryLiner Storyboard

StoryLiner Storyboard

In addition to all the Essential features, this edition provides all the tools and environment for efficient storyboarding as well as hybrid 2D/3D previz.

StoryLiner Studio

StoryLiner Studio

All the previz and storyboard features plus a set of tools to exchange the edits with external editing applications and generate documents such as edit boards. This edition is very well suited to handle full projects, whether you are a freelancer or a studio with wide pipelines.

See Differences between editions.

Throughout this documentation and in the video tutorials the features are associated to the logo of the editions supporting them.


In spite of all the efforts to make StoryLiner reliable some troubles may occur in some specific use cases.
In case (unlikely) of data loss or corruption of your Blender scenes data, be aware that the author of the add-on cannot be taken as responsible. Use it at your own risks.

This said, I will do my best to help you and integrate your feedback in order to provide a memorable creative experience StoryLiner.

Please report requests and issues you may face to the Issues page.
Sharing the troubles and asking questions contributes a lot in making the tool more robust.

Getting started

It is highly recommended to start by reading the StoryLiner General Philosophy to clearly understand the purpose of this tool !