Transitioning from Ubisoft Shot Manager

When a scene contains shots that were created with Ubisoft Shot Manager those shots are not recognized by default as StoryLiner shots. A manual import has to be done.

The import process does not modify the Shot Manager data. They can still be used by Shot Manager but in this case, if they are changed after an import to StoryLiner, the shots handled by StoryLiner will not be affected. There is no relationship nor references between the data and information of these two add-ons.


Note that it should be possible to have the add-ons activated at the same time in an instance of Blender. It is not fully garanteed that this is a stable configuration though. Turning off Ubisoft Shot Manager when using StoryLiner is recommended.

At the moment those videos I did at the time for Ubisoft Shot Manager are currently still relevant: