My name is Julien Blervaque, I design tools and user interfaces for inhouse software we use at Ubisoft Motion Pictures. On my spare time I also develop scripts and graphics resources for real time environments, as I used to do as a Graphics Technical Director on video game productions. You will find some of them on this website. I hope they can help you in some ways.








Normal maps conventions and axis orientation used by various applications.


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When Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso thinks about our everyday objects...

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Same thoughts from the designer and architect Katerina Kamprani.

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Every software feature will be, at a point, in the hand of users.

In this presentation I introduce a set of guidelines for developers and TDs to help them provide well-balance features to users, in other words features that will do not only what they have to do but will also be robust, intuitive and consistent with the application.

What I introduce here is what you necessarily need to have in mind when you want to build production-proof features.
The how to is a whole topic by itself and it is not covered here.


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Need to keep an eye on distances and dimensions in your maps?
WkMeasureTools is a set of rulers and graphics elements useable to get various measures and distances in the editor or at runtime.

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How many times do you ask yourself what is the value of this plug when you build a shader?
With WkFunctionDrawer you can see not only the value but the curve of the function itself. All you have to do is to import the nodes in your shader and plug them.

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