My name is Julien Blervaque, I design tools and user interfaces for inhouse software we use at Ubisoft Motion Pictures. On my spare time I also develop scripts and graphics resources for real time environments, as I used to do as a Graphics Technical Director on video game productions. You will find some of them on this website. I hope they can help you in some ways.



The 3 legs of upstanding features


Every software feature will be, at a point, in the hand of users.

In this presentation I introduce a set of guidelines for developers and TDs to help them provide well-balance features to users, in other words features that will do not only what they have to do but will also be robust, intuitive and consistent with the application.

What I introduce here is what you necessarily need to have in mind when you want to build production-proof features.
The how to is a whole topic by itself and it is not covered here.


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