Release v2.0.225 Change Log

Retimer, markers

  • Retimer UI and structure refactored and simplified

  • Added support for markers in Retimer


  • Integrated the tool Markers Nav Bar from the add-on Ubisoft Video Tracks


  • In the Shots Global Settings the Passepartout has been moved out of the Overlays box since it is not an overlay property

  • Improved the message displayed in the 3D views to identify the target viewport

  • Added a dropdown property to be able to change the Overlays for every viewport, not only the target one


  • Big refactor in files to introduce a function to get the add-on preferences


  • Fixed header title display when add-on has a warning

  • Fixed error message at install time when internet connection is not available

  • Fixed Overlays Layer Opacity that wasn’t working every time

  • Fixed error message when material was not available for the drawing preset

  • Small fix on the storyboard shot type icon