Concerned about graphic user interfaces and user experience?

Here is a list of books, articles and websites I am collecting over time and I've found particularly interesting.

Software UI development

  • leanux

Bye-bye Agile, welcome Lean UX :)

My favorite book about processes and team management when working on software with high expectations regarding the user interface.



  • effectiveui

Creating a good User Interface for an application is not just designing a good design and some nice icons, it is also having the time and resources to think about it, to implement and to test it. It is a whole process that must be efficiently integrated into the software development pipeline in order to fit the requirements and the project constraints. In this book, which is unfortunately quite misnamed, you will discover all the benefits of having a strong consideration for UI during the development process.

I strongly recommend it to producers, stakeholders, project managers and any people at a high level position in a project. It is also very interesting for UI Designer to help them convince their lead to invest in UI.



  • rocketsurgerymadeeasy

Probably one of the best books I've read about software development !! A must have!

Short and very practical, this book explains how to integrate a regular light but efficient user testing process into your web or software development.

The principle is to get the feedback of 3 users once a month on a work in progress version of the application so as to spot the most obvious design problems as early as possible and - ideally - to fix them.



  • designinguxtools

And another must have! Powerful practical guidelines to develop production tools in a User Centered Design approach.

David Lightbown is not only a talented speaker but also a very organized writer. In this book he presents how to efficiently design software UI in the very demanding context of game development (which can easily be applied to many other contexts). He insists on the iterative nature of User Centered Design and points out the benefits for the whole production.



Software UI design

  • dontmakemethink

This book from Steve Krug is a major reference in UI design. It is at its third edition and has been updated to include new web devices, phones and pads. All the guidelines and tips apparently dedicated to websites are also applicable to any software and application.

This is a very easy to read and a must have book!

Steve Krug is a famous consultant in usability. Have a look at his work on



Understanding the user

  • 100thingseverydesigner

All the things we should care of when we create a user interface.
Tons of information about the user, how we perceive things, how we react, why...

  • universalprinciplesofdesign

Various very relevant topics on the way user perceive and interpret things. Very well illustrated, with examples based on everyday life.

  • designingwiththemindinmind

Another book presenting how the user thinks, with more or less the same concepts than 100 Things Every Designer.... Interesting too, though.


Software for GUI design and rapid prototyping