What does it look like to be a TD at Ubisoft?

Technical director is a key position on a game project. Although there is usually only one TD per department, he can have a great impact on the quality of the game, the efficiency of the tools and the mood of the team.

In 2011 I was invited at FMX to give a presentation on the role of the TD in a game production. Here are the support material and a few comments.  



About FMX

FMX is an annual conferences cycle dedicated to visual FX, animation, video games and transmedia. It is one of the major European events in those fields and certainly one of the most pleasant: a relaxed environment where you can meet great names and highly talented people of our industry while discovering how the latest hits where made.

If you have never been there, I strongly recommend you a journey at Stuttgart at that time!



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The presentation

The target audience for this presentation was as much the students as anyone interested to know more about the job of TD. And by anyone I mean also people in production such as producers or associates.

I introduced the job, the tasks and profile related to it the way I experienced it and the way I tried to make it work. I strongly believe this is an efficient approach for a technical support of the production. It may not be perfectly representative of all the projects developed at Ubisoft though.


Common game content creation workflow


Headlines on FMX 2011 website


Download the presentation: TD in the video game industry.pptx