What does it look like to be a TD at Ubisoft?

Technical director is a key position on a game project. Although there is usually only one TD per department, he can have a great impact on the quality of the game, the efficiency of the tools and the mood of the team.

In 2011 I was invited at FMX to give a presentation on the role of the TD in a game production. Here are the support material and a few comments.  

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Every software feature will be, at a point, in the hand of users.

In this presentation I introduce a set of guidelines for developers and TDs to help them provide well-balance features to users, in other words features that will do not only what they have to do but will also be robust, intuitive and consistent with the application.

This article is about what you necessarily need to have in mind when you want to build production-proof features. The how to is a whole topic by itself and it is not covered here.


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