Need to keep an eye on distances and dimensions in your maps?
WkMeasureTools is a set of rulers and graphics elements useable to get various measures and distances in the editor or at runtime.

WkRuler measures the distance between 2 points.

At the moment WkRuler is the only tool available, but others may follow!




Download the package and unzip the content (be careful not to create a folder with the name of the archive) directly at the root of the Content directory of an UE4 project.

Then launch the UE4 project. You should find the WkMeasureTools actors in the following folder:





WkRuler Use

To create a new tool in the scene: Just drag and drop it from the WkMeasureTools folder directly into the viewport.

To put WkRuler at a convenient place in the world: Pick it and use the translation or rotation gizmo to move it. Scaling is not supported.

To measure a distance between 2 points: Pick either the start or the end of the ruler. The underlying spline should appear and you will now be able to manipulate each one of its ends. Move one of them, the distance to the other will then be displayed on the ruler.

To change the size of the whole ruler: Use the Size parameter in the Style category.



Change log

     - V1.1 (18/07/2015):    UE 4.8.2
            - replaced Text(string) variable by Text(text) variable because the string is deprecated
            - added text before and after the length value
            - added position of the text
            - added size of the arrows and text
            - invalid message when scale is wrong

        - V1.0 (05/02/2015):    UE 4.7.5
            - basic ruler