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UE4 Documentation – Epic’s official site with a bunch of guides on getting started along with samples and other tutorials.

Unreal Engine Community WikiUnreal Engine Community Wiki - Epic's official Unreal Engine wiki.

Unreal Engine Forum - The official UE4 forum.

UE4 Answerhub - Resource for developers to help each other succeed with UE4.


A list of Unreal Engine 4 Guides and Tutorials - Although the page is more dedicated to iOS and Android it gathers many valuable resources.


Not so easy to find the right function for a pattern or an animation in a shader... Until now!
With WkFunctionDrawer you can visualize the curve of your functions. All you have to do is to import the WkFunctionDrawer function node into your shader and plug them.
Version 2.1 is faster to compile, simpler to use and comes with function examples.

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Need to keep an eye on distances and dimensions in your maps?
WkMeasureTools is a set of rulers and graphics elements useable to get various measures and distances in the editor or at runtime.

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