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Have you ever wished to display the value of a graph parameter or a texel color to provide information to the material user? Have you ever needed to get the result of some computation hidden deep into a graph to debug a material?

This node converts a float value to a text image and works in a pretty similar to the Text node of Substance Designer.

Substance Designer:2018.1 and higher




TextFromValue Substance Pack

TextFromValue is a paying - but very affordable - package. You can download it from Gumroad: https://gum.co/textfromvalueSN




Really useful for all kind of purposes such as tools creation to provide a visual feedback of values that would be very difficult to get otherwise.

Extended behaviors compared to the Text node:

  • Displayed value can come from the value parameter, from a function or from a picked color
  • Tracking parameter to control the spacing between the digits
  • Option to preserve the aspect ratio of the text even if the image is not a square
  • 9 possible positions for the pivot point




Install and use

  • Download the package on Gumroad and unzip it in a folder near to the other material folders you may have.
  • Drag and drop the node from this folder directly into a graph in Substance Designer. It can be used exactly as the Text node provided in Substance Designer.
  • See the file TextFromValue_Examples.sbs in the Examples folder of the package for various use cases.


Change log

     - V1.10 (18/03/2019):    Substance Designer 2018.1
            - Fixed Fixed a major bug: when sampling not uniforms inputs a resize occured and the value was not right.
              Now input image to be sampled must be a constant color (either a uniform node or a node from the ColorPicker graph provided in this package).

     - V1.03 (24/01/2019):    Substance Designer 2018.1

            - basic version