The Topo-Maps graph is a kind of Substance graph I designed to encapsulate the "topology maps" of 3D objects so that I can always rely on the same graph interface (ie set of output plugs) whatever the object. This arbitrary convention allow be to introduce a consistent input interface to all the graphs and materials I create that need object topology maps to work.

The "topology maps" are all the texture maps defining the mesh of an object: texel position, world space normals... By extension I also include in this definition the curvature and the ambient occlusion maps although strictly speaking they are more a consequence of the topology analysis than a part of it.


The topomaps I am currently using, and the one generated by the script for 3dsMax WkSubstanceTopomapsBakers, look like below.
They respect as much as possible the Substance Designer naming conventions (cf. Plug naming conventions in Substance Designer).
Several maps have not been integrated yet in this convention of mine, they will be added in the future.


 WkTopoMaps: sbs outputs