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Did you you could do keyframe animation in Substance Designer?

- Wait! There is no animation in SD! Not even a curve editor!

- Indeed, but there is the Gradient node in which you can set points with their own value on a range of [0, 1]. And if you have the right tool to view it, it's nothing else but a curve with keyframes.

- Yep, but what about time?

- Time is just a changing value. You can use the built-in variable named $time or, if you want a complete control over it, it can be emulated with, let's say, a color!


WkGradientDrawer displays the curve for you and provides all you need to easily manipulate Gradient curves.

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textfromvalue thumb

Have you ever wished to display the value of a graph parameter or a texel color to provide information to the material user? Have you ever needed to get the result of some computation hidden deep into a graph to debug a material?

This node converts a float value to a text image and works in a pretty similar to the Text node of Substance Designer.

Substance Designer:2018.1 and higher

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sdwkmeasuretools thumb

WkMeasureTools is a comprehensive set of measuring tools for Substance Designer. Whether you need to get the distance between 2 points, the angle between 3 or the length of a part of an image in real world units, WkMeasureTools has a solution!

Discover how this package can fits your needs!

Substance Designer:2018.1 and higher
WkMeasureTools Full Pack on Gumroad:  Free light version:

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sdwksbsupdatedir thumb

When a new release of Substance Designer comes out and modifies the structure of the .sbs file format you get a popup message everytime you open a Substance file in Substance Designer that has not yet been saved with this version. This becomes pretty annoying when working with big libraries.

Thanks to WkSBSUpdateDir it is now very simple to update a whole project in one time.

Substance Designer:Any

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Plug names play a key role in the usability of a graph and in the way it can be connected to other nodes or even used in Painter. And finding the right name is not easy...

Fortunately some naming conventions exist in Substance Designer. Here they are.

Substance Designer:5.4 and higher

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The Topo-Maps graph is a kind of Substance graph I designed to encapsulate the "topology maps" of 3D objects so that I can always rely on the same graph interface (ie set of output plugs) whatever the object. This arbitrary convention allow be to introduce a consistent input interface to all the graphs and materials I create that need object topology maps to work.

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... Or how to build and check functions in Substance Designer!
With WkFunctionDrawer you can visualize the curve of your functions. This is a great and easy to use tool that will save you a lot of time.
New in version 2: Use your own custom keyframe curves with WkGradientDrawer!!
Substance Designer:5.4 and higher

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Built-in variables accessibles in function graphs

Variables - Substance Designer


Substance BatchTools (now "Command Line Tools)

Substance Batchtools User's Guide - Online BatchTools documentation (part of Automation ToolKit)


Tutorials and resources

WerwackFx Channel - Presentation of some of the tools I developped

Werwack on Artstation - A panel of the my tools for Substance

Vincent Gault's Substance Channel - Vincent Gault is providing a lot of really interesting tips and tutorials for Substance Designer, for beginners to advanced users