I prefer writting scripts with a powerfull and efficient text editor rather than the script editor integrated in 3dsMax. Notepad++ is exactly that: it has all you could expect from a code editor plus it's free! I strongly recommend it!

To get the Maxscript syntax color you need to install the following language pack:





  • Install Notepad++ (available here)
  • Download the Maxscript Language Pack from the link above and unzip it in a temp folder
  • Copy userDefineLang.xml and insertExt.ini into your %appdata%\notepad++\ directory


If you have other user defined languages, you have to edit the userDefineLang.xml file manually and append the maxscript section from this zip, if you overwrite the file with this version, you will lose your previously defined languages!

  • Copy the file maxscript.xml to C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\ folder
  • Happy coding!



Based on the work of Ofer Zelichover ( - 26/03/2007)
Repacked by Werwack (03/03/2011) for Notepad++ V5.8 and higher