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Ever wanted to create easy-to-manage easy-to-deploy robust scripts? WkDevTool is for you!

This tool is a production-proof development framework and environment for Maxscript development. It covers all the aspects of the development, from start to end, and facilitate maintenance, deployement and user support.

3.53 Beta
2015, 2016, 2017
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This environment will considerably help the creation, support and improvement of mid-size and heavy scripts. Multi-files scripts, backups, packaging, testing and deployment, all these production cases become easy to handle. This is a professional tool: it will appear pretty natural for developpers and artists with good programming knowledge but unexperienced programmers may find it difficult to get into it.



This version is a beta. Use it at your onw risks.

Well, I have to introduce it this way because of the state of the tool. It is very stable and really production-proof but has no documenation at all at the moment except for the low-res video below. Hopefully a more detailed documentation should be available at some point.

Beside I may not be so much available for support on this tool at the moment. If you get really stuck send me an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will try to help you as much as I can.


This rough video present a brief overview of the use of WkDevTool. It covers the installation and configuration, the creation of a new script from a template, the modification of the script to display an Hello World message, the backup, the package creation and the installation of the new script.


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Development environment

  • Work in your own development directory, deploy later
  • When running the script, easily switch between the development version and the installed one
  • Backup your whole script project in one clic
  • Build ready-to-install .mzp packages in one clic

Package structure

  • The New Script Wizzard creates a whole script projet from the specified template


  • Several templates are available to fit your needs, from simple to complex scripts
  • Modify the default templates according to your needs, add your own templates

  • Script templates all support:
    • Icons for common actions (open documentation, open folder, add or delete items...)
    • User Preference file keeping track of the dialog size and position and of the state of user-defined variables, plus functionalities to reset all or part of it
    • Docking, rollouts

Code structure

  • All the script templates are based on structures, providing a full control over the scope of variables and preventing side-effects with any other scripts
  • Clear coding convention syntaxe
  • Clear separation of each functional aspect of the script: declaration header, init function, GUI update function, user functions, GUI components and GUI events


  • Scripts are packaged in a customizable installer, allowing logo display, installation feedback, user input settings


  • Although the script is free of use it is not open-source. The core files of the script are encrypted. All the templates are fully open and can be modified according to your needs.
  • The script is available for use for a limited period of time (until June 2017). After that date a new version will be available on this page with new featuers and possibly some changes in the terms of use.