Most of the scripts are "macro-scripts", that is to say scripts launched by the user thank to a button or a component in the graphic user interface (GUI). Other kinds of scripts, like plug-in of callbacks, may be run differently and their behavior is then described during thir installation.


To create a button for a macro-script you have just installed, follow these steps:


  • Click on the "Customize" menu item (wkip) to open the Customize dialog window (fig. 1).
  • In Category, choose Werwack... . You will see the list of the tools you installed from this website.
  • You may want to create a new toolbar to hold the buttons: on the right side of the dialog window, enter the name of the toolbar and press the "New" button.
  • Drag and drop the icon of the script you installed from the script list to the suitable toolbar.
  • Close the dialog window.

The script is now accessible from the main GUI and you just have to press on the button you have just created to launch it.


How these steps look like in 3dsMax:

Creating a button for a macroscript



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