Very interested by everything related to graphics I have the chance, through my work and my personal projects, to intervene into several of the major fields of visual creation.

The experience I then acquired in feature film and commercials post-production, shooting supervision, architecture, website development and of course drawing are of a great help in my daily work in the video game area.

You will find below some pictures of the graphic projects I worked on and some of my personal work.


Animated Series

The Raving Rabbids Invasion - The series: Since 2012 I work with the RnD department to design and develop the applications used to create and render the images and to track the production data. The series is broadcasted on Nickelodeon and France Television.

  • RavingRabbids_001
  • RavingRabbids_002
  • RavingRabbids_003
  • RavingRabbids_004
  • RavingRabbids_005
Developped by: Ubisoft Motion Pictures        Released: 2014 (S1), 2015 (S2), 2016 (S3)        Format: TV Serie - 7' x 78 ep. x 3 seasons
Official website: The Rabbids Invasion

Video Game

The Adventures of Tintin - The Secret of the Unicorn - The game (2011): Although targeting a young audience, this game is my preferred one among those I worked on because of its very fun gameplay and its wonderful, and sometimes surrealist, look.On this project I was in charge of all the technical aspects related to the character models.

  • Tintin01
  • Tintin02
  • Tintin03
  • Tintin04
Developped by: Ubisoft Montpellier        Released: Dec. 2011        Plateforms: Wii, XBox 360, PS3, PC


Arthur and the revenche of Maltazard (2009): This party game takes place in the universe of the second opus of the movie Arthur and the Minimoys. Targeting casual and young gamers, it was mainly developed for the Wii plateform then upgraded for the PS3 and PC.

  • Arthur01
  • Arthur02
  • Arthur03
  • Arthur04
Developped by: Phoenix Studio        Released: Nov. 2009        Plateforms: Wii, PS3, PC
Distributed by: Ubisoft


Lost - The game (2008): Based on the license of the TV serial Lost, the game offers the opportunity to play a survivor of flight Oceanic 815. It has been developped at Ubisoft Montreal by a team I really enjoyed to work with. As a Graphics TD on the project, my main role was to set up the graphics pipeline and to provide a high level of quality and performance for the visuals.
The game received a very good general feedback about the visuals and the graphics content (Presentation: 8/10 on GameTrailer).

  • Lost01
  • Lost02
  • Lost03
  • Lost04

Developped by: Ubisoft Montreal        Released: Feb. 2008        Plateforms: XBox 360, PS3, PC


SFX / Compositing

June's Blog - Series trailer

June's Blog (2009): Released for the Animation Film Festival of Annecy 2009, this trailer introduces the universe of June's Blog, a trans-media series that was intended to be developped at Phosnix Studio. It was created by a nice small team including Franck Michel (film director) and David Fauré (artistic director), who did the series Fantastic Four (Marvel), 2 3D artists and a compositing artist. I set up and supervized the graphics pipeline and participated to the compositing of several takes.

  • leblogdejune_01
  • leblogdejune_02
  • leblogdejune_03
  • leblogdejune_04
  • leblogdejune_05


Game Cinematics

Arthur and the Revenche of Maltazar (2009): A pre-rendered cinematic has been created for the beginning of the game Arthur and the Revenche of Maltazar. On this part, I was in charge of the rendering and the compositing (After Effects) of the whole sequence.

  • arthurintro_01
  • arthurintro_02
  • arthurintro_03
  • arthurintro_04
  • arthurintro_05


Alexandra Ledermann (2008): This is the intro cinematic of the Wii game developped by Phoenix Studio.
I took part to its conception at several levels (some animation and 3D composition, rendering) and did the compositing with Fusion.

  • horsez2008_01
  • horsez2008_02
  • horsez2008_03
  • horsez2008_04


Show Reel - VFX shooting supervision

Show Reel (2005): Pictures and making of some of the projects I worked on when I was in the French post production company Def2Shoot. The reel gathers several commercials and a feature film. On some I did the Previz technical supervision, on others the VFX shooting supervison, and on some both.

  • AudiA6
  • EmpireOfTheWolves
  • SonyEricsson


Le Barbier

Le Barbier (2004): A movie directed by Reynald Capurro; I did the digital effect supervision at Def2Shoot while Martin Lipmann worked on the effects themselves.

  • LeBarbier01
  • LeBarbier02
  • LeBarbier03
  • LeBarbier04