Appart from my main job I regularly have the opportunity to work on VR projects. This new media is just incredible! We designed and developped several projects on Unity and Unreal Engine for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear.


DreamCorp is a team of 5 people with great skills in real-time rendering and graphics programming and specialized in the creation on Virtual Reality experiences for special events.


Here are some projects we've done recently:



Experimentation date: March 2016 / Main software: Unreal 4

Residence is a set of tests and experiments we are doing to build a VR experience using electric engines driven by what the user is living.


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MLB 2015

Event date: May 2015 / Main software: Unreal 4

  • DC_MLB-2015_007
  • DC_MLB-2015_013
  • DC_MLB-2015_014
  • DC_MLB-2015_021




Link: (password: mlbfuse)



Event date: March 2015 / Main software: Unreal 4




MLB 2014

Event date: Mid 2014 / Main software: Unity 4




Open Art

Event date: Begining of 2014 / Main software: Unity 4