... Or how to build and check functions in Substance Designer!
With WkFunctionDrawer you can visualize the curve of your functions. This is a great and easy to use tool that will save you a lot of time.
New in version 2: Use your own custom keyframe curves with WkGradientDrawer!!
Substance Designer:5.4 and higher


Note (Oct. 2018): The content of this page is for WkFunctionDrawer 2.0.
A new major release is underway, possibly for the end of the year)

With this version of WkFunctionDrawer you can now edit your own keyframe curves. This has an incredible potential: you can animate parameters, move texture samples over time, deform textures... Your imagination is your limit!!




The package includes 2 tools, several utility nodes and a graph with several samples and detailed instructions to use them at their best.
  • WkFunctionDrawer: A graph in which it is possible to visualize math curves
  • WkGradientDrawer: A node tool to insert into your graphs to visualize, in context, a curve resulting from a gradient grayscale image


  • Download the package and unzip it in a folder near to the other material folders you may have.

  • If it is not already the case for the folder in which the archive has been unzipped declare it as a library in the Preference Panel. This will allow the nodes of the package to be directly accessible from the Library Panel without having to open the sbs files manually everytime you need them.





Change log

     - V2.0 (08/03/2016):    Substance Designer 5.4
            - the package has been split in 2 graphs: WkFunctionDrawer.sbs, which contains the main nodes, and WkFunctionDrawer_Samples.sbs, to illustrate their use
            - 2 new tools allow the use of Gradient nodes as curves:
                 - WkGradientDrawer: based on WkFunctionDrawer, ready to use to display Gradients
                 - WkRemapGradientCurve: used to sample Gradient inputs and to remap their range
            - creation of a YouTube video to introduce the general concepts of WkFunctionDrawer and WkGradientDrawer

     - V1.0 (24/01/2016):    Substance Designer 5.4
            - basic version