Welcome to the WkMeasureTools Pack documentation!

WkMeasureTools is a comprehensive set of measuring tools for Substance Designer. Whether you need to get the distance between 2 points, the angle between 3 or the length of a part of an image in real world units, WkMeasureTools has a solution!

WkMeasureTool is a paying - but very affordable - package. You can download it from Gumroad: https://gum.co/WkMTsd


Author: Werwack

Contact and feedback: werwack@gmail.com

Current package version: 1.01

History and previous versions: Change Log

Supported Substance Designer versions: SD 2018.1 and higher

Website: http://www.werwackfx.com/index.php/graphictools/substance/substancecat/87-sd-wkmeasuretools


WkMeasureTools contains 4 tools that will help you to extract several distance or angle pieces of information from the images manipulated in Substance Designer:

    • WkRuler gets the distance between 2 points of the input node and display it in the specified units.
    • WkProtractor allows you to measure the angle between 3 points.
    • WkTSNormalChecker provides a representation of the vector at the specified position of a tangent space normal map and highlight invalid values.
    • WkImageInfo gives a summary of the image dimension and pixel density.

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